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The speaker has great bass, in spite of its small size.
about 2 hours ago.

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The QC25 headphones have the best sound to date. I listen at my desk at home, in the office, and on public transportation - so I've tested them in a lot of places. I'd recommend them for anyone.

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Feedback Analysis

Identify which features users love, and which ones are causing them the most pain. Auto tag a CSV of your product reviews or plug your survey results into the API and put data behind your roadmap.

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Love it! They recently added search, which makes finding the right book easy. In and out in no time.

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Social Listening

Measure public opinion and identify nuanced user sentiment about your products and brands - do they think they're cool? Insightful? Reliable? Auto tag tweets about your company and find out.

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I listen to Change by RM @BTS_twt and @Wale almost every day - a whole year on and I STILL get goosebumps. The beat is sick, the lyrics are real, absolute work of art.

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Powering Products

Make automated decisions based on user text input and get your text-powered product off the ground in minutes using free topic prediction APIs.

$ curl https://api.taggit.io/api/v1/model/predict \
    ?topic=soaxelbrooke/Promoter \
    -d '{"texts": ["One of the best crypto exchanges!"]}'


Text Tagging

Easily and quickly label text for multiple topics.

Intelligent CSV Tagging

Improve topics quickly with intelligent CSV tagging, sorting your CSV by what tagged text will most improve the topic.

Text Auto Tagging

Predict topic presence in copied text, a CSV, or via our API - all for free!

Auto Tag Performance Statistics

Get performance statistics on topic auto taggers so you know when your topic is accurate enough.

Fork Topics to Specialize

Copy other users's topics and add your own tags to specialize it for your use case.

Tag and Topic Auditing

Audit a topic's tags to make sure you agree with the topic definition before auto tagging.


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